Japan’s strongest energy attractions to Ibaraki Prefecture Hitachi City “Oniwa Shrine” charge

Space pilots from the universe overlooking the earth when there is a place to issue strong light, after investigation found that the Royal Rock Shrine! The story of such a story is located in Ibaraki Prefecture, Hitachi City, Royal Rock Shrine.

This powerful place of energy, not just the people of the East circle, the people of the country are watching here, do you have to experience to see Japan’s strongest energy location?

600 years old! Three fir of the Royal God wood!

Oiwa Shrine is about 20 minutes drive from Hitachi Station, 35 minutes by bus, and there are 5,000 yen sightseeing tour. (Reference: Hitachi electric car taxi)

Through the white bird home into the shrine, feel cool and comfortable air. Towering fir surrounded by the Senate Road, there is a trunk 9 meters, 50 meters high Shenmu, inferred the age of 600 years of giant trees to the gods standing like that. It is the natural monument designated by Ibaraki Prefecture, and it is the only one of Ibaraki-shi which was elected to this list.

From the ground up 3 meters is divided into three branches, equal to the growth of the day, three branches of the separation of a small water, before the legend that there are days before the dog live, although the surrounding residents are afraid of the legendary Tengu legend , There seems to be living in the atmosphere now there.

※ Royal God wood do not like to be touched, shrink the touch it can get energy, but touched the Shenmu he is not happy is absolutely anti-effect, so don’t do it! Far to see you can get the energy~

There are 188 gods who worship the gods of God!

The time the shrine was created was unknown. In 721 AD, “The land of the ancient town”  is recorded, and the archaeological study is the altar of the altar that the ancient literati will sacrifice the gods.

Through the Ren Wang door you can see the “Yuyan Shan Lingtu map”, this figure is the country often standing(くにとこたちのみこと) as the beginning, painted Yuyan Shrine worship of the 188 gods. That is to say, just go to the Royal Shrine can visit almost all the gods in Japan!

And then there are sacrifices with the big day with the Amitabha Tathagata, big day if only in the New Year will be held when the Royal account. There is also a shrine known as “the only sacrifice of the gods.”

Source of Mito Komon

※ Oniwa shrine main temple

Edo era of water home fan first generation Tokugawa Lai room, was persuaded to be the main city of the feudal lord, and the feudal lords were also prosperous after the prayer, The public is also revered. The source of the water of the Hokkaido Superman may be the Oniwa Shrine.

Do not forget to take the imperial seal!

Royal Zhu Yin is the chrysanthemum of the grain! Have the time of the painting must be with the shrine of the witch to ask the Imperial Zhu account.

Visit the Royal Rock Shrine can be full of energy, if you want more energy, then recommended to the Royal Rock Hill climbing! From the universe can see the light source with the legendary stone, Takayuki ear rock family, and Japan’s oldest Of the rock group, you can see the attractions are very much, but holding a relaxed state of mind is not mountain climbing, to be prepared, follow the rules and then climbing.

【Royal Rock Shrine official website】

Address: 〒311-0402 752, Nishimachi, Hitachi City, Ibaraki Prefecture


Train <Ueno from about 1 time 30 minutes>

Tokyo Station (Ueno Tokyo Line / Tokyu Line)

Ueno Station (JR Sapporo Line · Tokyu ー パ ー ひ た ち 16, 17 platform)

Bus <about 35 minutes from Hitachi Station>

Hitachi Station (the central port 1 bus ride Hitachi Electric Railway Bus 60 East River side)

Taxi <approximately 20 minutes from Hitachi Station

Hitachi Station Central taxi ride to the Oniwa Shrine

Hitachi Electric taxi Tel: 0120-28-2185    ※ There is tour of sightseeing taxi.

TEL: 0294-21-8445

FAX: 0294-21-8446

Photo and source: guide.travel.co.jp

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