It is the vast Tokyo Bay on your sight! Go to “Yokosuka art museum” enjoy art and sea at summer!

Yokosuka Museum of Art Because of the opening of the 10th anniversary of the exhibition is related to the sea exhibition, in the sea near the front of the Museum of Art, just can look at the sea with the real sea.

The exhibition “Art tour of the Sea of Japan” was exhibited on August 27, 2017, and the collection of artworks with several artists was a special event for the summer of October,

※ look at sea view from Yokosuka art museum

Yokosuka art museum can be seen in the Tokyo Bay hills, good weather, from the roof can also clearly see Chiba County!

We watched the exhibition about the sea in 2017, and Yokosuka began to collect works before the opening of the museum because Yokosuka was surrounded by the sea and the collection of excellent works on the theme of the sea was a part of the collection policy.

※ It is tour with Japanese art exhibition 

※古賀春江”sea bath” (1922, Wakayama Prefectural Museum of Art)

“The sea of bath” (1922, Wakayama prefectural art museum) was exhibited on the right side of the photo with the impression of the summer coast.

※ Kagawa Kotake “Miyamoto Wuko  whale” (1847, Watanabe Wooden Art Gallery)

“chapter 1   to see the sea of Japan – the scenery of the sea with the wave of expression”, Edo period of the Ge decorated North Sai “Tiao Yue thirty-six King Teng Pu”, Meiji era Takahashi by a “phase of the river island map”, Showa Fujita Si governance ” (The sea of the sea), the scenery of the seaside scenery, and the scenery of the seaside scenery.

The photo above is a warrior riding a sword on the back of a whale with a knife, and the author of the painting shows the enlarged version of Kagawa Kumar’s “Miyamoto Wojiao Whale Retreat” (1847, Watanabe Wooden Art Gallery).

About the history and life of the sea

※ all kinds of ship related to the painting

“Art tour of the Sea of Japan”  “chapter 2 Boat’s various things – Japanese Boat Start to Steamboat, Passenger Ship”

Prayer Maritime safe shipowner with the bow in the shrine of the ship to draw the horse with the shipping company’s poster, TORISU wine printed on the screen is the famous Liuyuan Liangping painting “cargo ship’s story” It is also possible to understand the history of the ship.

※ “The story of the cargo ship” by Yanagihara ryouhei

picture from: google

” chapter  3 Japanese and whale – Japanese ancient whaling” (Japanese and whale – ancient Japanese whaling), there are many paintings of the whale wrapped around the boat, or whale dolls, fishing when the big harvest to congratulate the use of Of the net or clothes – Wan wish (まいわい)”show.

※ Congratulations on harvested of  fishes- “Wanzhu(まいわい)》”

“The sea of prayer – the sea flag), full of brave and bright colors of the big fishing flag!The fisherman’s flag is between the fishing boat and the harbor family as the signal of passing the harvest harvest, and now is the gift to the shipowner who gave it to the new ship. On the top of the fishery flag is the name of the congratulatory words, the name of the vessel, the name of the donor, the treasure house of the origin, the Mount Fuji, the tortoise, and the thanks for the safety of the harbor.

The banner of the entrance to the fair is also a large fishing flag, which is made by San Fu’s San Fu Dye shop, which has been in existence since the Edo period.

※ brave and bright colors of the big fishing flag!

A foreign painter who is related to Yokosuka

One of the holdings of the collection exhibition was a “porch”, which was opened in Yokosuka City for 20 years after the war. The works of the foreign painters who exhibited the various themes, the well (1901-1983) The pursuit of a unique world.

We opened the 10th anniversary of the opening ceremony and opened the exhibition of “ボ ラ ン テ ィ ア が ん だ だ” and the art director of the collection exhibition and the comments of the volunteers.

※ foreign painting show room

 make sea and forest with weave

There is a marine life in the collection room! The theme is “weird braid 203gow weaving world exhibition”, in the high ceilings and round windows into the space, full length of 8 meters squid, long 4 meters of octopus there are jellyfish group swimming.

※ Many weed jellyfish

This exhibition is a continuation of the knitting of the special style of the knitters “edi calendar 203gow (に い ま る さ ん ご う)” weaving works, you can let the room to color or to help them stick to the wool space.

The knitman 203gow is the “weaving team” who participates with the public, and there is staircase with jellyfish in the doorway.

※ woven out of the forest

The knitler 203gow will see the weaving of the world, and he will not be able to weave things out. The trees or flowers, birds or insects will be the theme of “the creatures in the forest”.

Electrical switch or faucet, grinding sesame tools, flute and so on, each time will use the side works when the inspiration to make the work “あ み つ ぶ し” (weaving time) is also displayed.

The style of the weaver is “a little strange” or “there is a place is lovely.”

everyone can participate in the square activities

It is planned to run this year by volunteer work. We are going to be able to participate in this year, and spring, summer and winter, and there are three times a year, and everybody is crowded! 

In the summer of 2017, there is activity in the art museum’s “sea square” which can hold water only in summer. “Water gun” “water gun” “treasure bottle water tanker” and so on amusement equipment can play, children adults can play the ultra-happy yo!

If you want to participate in the event, please apply early, during the summer there are field cinema lying Oh! For more information, please see the official website.

[Yokosuka Art Museum official website]

Address:4-1 Kamoi, Yokosuka-shi, Kanagawa 239-0813


■By Train

From Maborikaigan Station(Keikyu Line)/JR Yokosuka Station

Take the Keikyu bus bound for Kannonzaki and get off the Keikyu Kannnonnzaki Hotel and Yokosuka Museum of Art Bus Stop; 3 min. walk

From Uraga Station(Keikyu Line)

Final Stop on the Keikyu bus bound for Kannonzaki; 5 min. walk

Hours and Closed Day:10:00~18:00

Closed Each month’s 1st Monday (except when it falls on a public holiday).

December 29 through January 3.

Tel: 046-845-1211 Fax: 046-845-1215


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