What is the characteristics of the Izu sightseeing train “ザ ロ イ ル エ ク ス プ レ ス” debut features?

From  7/21  JR Yokohama Station with JR Shinjuku Shimoda Station Shinjuku Station “THE ROYAL EXPRESS” We start running!

Designed by JR Kyushu’s luxury train “Seven Star IN Kyushu” (formerly: な な ッ 星IN九州 Kyushu) and the well-known Mr. Shimazu Okazaki. A total of eight cars, you can carry 100 passengers, is the largest number of sightseeing trains in Japan.

In the summer sunshine, the blue train’s body shines!

The only train in world:

THE ROYAL EXPRESS TRAIN, Izuka Express train, and the express train “ア ル フ ァ リ ー ト ト 21”, which is a special train. 8 cars inside, which has only four rooms in the compartment, 1.2 car “golden grade”, 7.8 car go higher level “platinum grade”, No. 3 car can be used to do the exhibition with the wedding ceremony Use, No. 4 car is all designed into the dining car model, 5.1 car is to the platinum level of passengers used by the dining car.

THE ROYAL EXPRESS The purpose of the train is to hope that everyone can feel the beauty of the journey and the charm of Izu.

There are piano and violin live performances in the train

In this train there will be piano and violin live performance, is also one of the characteristics of this sightseeing train. In the dining car of the 5.6 car has a piano, the train will be held in the live performance.

Playing violin in live:

THE ROYAL EXPRESS is a 30,000 yen for a “gold grade” for one meals and ticket and a “platinum grade” price is  35,000 yen. The latter two of a room cost is 13, 5,000 yen to 15, 0000 yen. There are 600 people making an appointment for 300 people in July, but want to do this train also have luck because it is necessary to use the method of drawing, even if the money is not necessarily able to get it! In addition, in the gold level and Platinum grade compartment can not wear slippers or casual clothes.

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Photo and Source: Toyo Economic News

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