The eye-opening trip to Nice, France

Location: Musee des Arts Asiatiques, Nice

Country: France

Visited: November 2012

You can breathe the artsy air when walked around the streets of Nice.

Musee des Arts Asiatiques showcased a collection of Asia countries’ art, it was autumn, everything at here painted in the brownish palette. 

Stepped into this museum, there was a beautiful lake at the center and trees around it. It looked like a postcard. “Bonjour, now we are showcasing the art and cultural pieces from Asia countries, today is your lucky day!” the curator said.

Visited this Musee des Arts Asiatiques may be changed the impression, although it is France, the ambience was surrounded by the story-telling art pieces which very Asian. They were various designs and filled with its explanation. When looked at every showcase pieces, they were even more attractive textures and like an irresistible delicious apple you want to grab for a bite, under the yellow light. There were kinds of showcase which included La Chine, Le Japon, L’ Inde, L’ Asie du Sud-Est and etc. 

With this presentation, an unforgettable culture trip to Musee des Arts Asiatiques, Nice is totally worth it. Time can tell a great history that we may not attend, but nowadays we definitely appreciate any drops of them. (by Tan Hui Szian)

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