Enjoying the Slow Life in Japanese Southern Islands


Have you been to Okinawa which is one of the most popular resorts in Japan? Many of you may have been to the main Island including Naha City, but what about its remote islands? If you are feeling like you want to escape from your stressful daily work, it is strongly recommended that you fly out of your home country to Okinawa, especially its remote islands personally. And you will actually feel that the time goes by so slowly. Then, what should you do there? SURRENDER yourself to the atmosphere!


Here is how to make your stay more enjoyable and relaxing in 3 islands; Ishigaki Island, Kohoma Island and Taketomi Island.


Relax on the Beach

If you are going to visit Okinawa for the first time, I recommend Yonehara Beach and Sunset Beach in Ishigaki Island and Sunset Beach and Condoi Beach in Taketomi Island . Even though there are plenty of beautiful beaches, you can find your favorite one. What do you want to do there, read a book, swim, or just sleep?

Choosing the Best Hotel

As for accommodation you stay at, Kohama Island will be the best, especially HAIMURUBUSHI, which is a kind of resort complex. If you spend your vacation there, you don’t have to visit any other places. It’s striking that the hotel has their private beach. Additionally, there is a beach cafe that provides foods and drinks including beer and cocktails.

More information about HAIMURUBUSHI: http://www.haimurubushi.co.jp/language/english/accommodations/index.html

Exclusive Experiences


Kabira Bay located on the north west coast of Ishigaki Island is designated as one of national scenic beauties. Swimming is prohibited for some reasons but you can enjoy the ocean by taking a glass-bottom boat.

Riding a Water Buffalo

Speaking of a water buffalo, you should visit Taketomi Island since the scenery of the village is too difficult to view in the main land. It is worth going around the village on the buffalo. You may be surprised at its cleverness.

Space out for a while with Sunset

Each island has some beautiful view spots of sunset. One of the most refreshing ways is just to gaze absently into the sunset while hearing the sound of waves.

Watching Stars

In the remote islands of Okinawa, you can see numerous stars in the night sky. They are very bright and beautiful, which you can never see if you are in the cities.

Although I’m introducing those three islands here, seeing them with your eyes is worth a thousand of pictures. One thing I can say is that there is always something unexpected waiting for you when you actually get to the remote islands.
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