2nd tp. Biên Hoà to Tràng Bom 2014/8/28(Sun)

Stupid travelling records

The destination of the second travelling is Bien Hoa. First of all I need to come to BX Bien Hoa. This is the first trial.

Bien Hoa is the capital of Đồng Nai Province, 20km Northeast from Saigon. Here is still a suburban area of Saigon. An analogy in Tokyo, Bien Hoa is Kawasaki city. If this were Kawasaki, I can ride a train, but how do I in Vietnam?

I’ve been in Vietnam for half year. I can ride an airplane or long distance bus. But the information to ride a local transportation is difficult. I asked to Japanese or Vietnamese, if he was rich man whom someone pays his cost, he recommends me to ride taxi. If he was not, riding your motor bike. I can’t ride both in this case.

I already knew it, I found a bus from Ho Chi Minh city to Bien Hoa already at the last walking. I come here by it today too, 5th city bus is running between BX Chợ Lớn, through the centre of saigon, to BX Biên Hoà.

Since I was anxious about riding it on the middle of the route, I went to BX Chợ Lớn early in 28th September, 2014.

The 5th bus took about 2 hours to Bien Hoa. The price might be 25,000 VND? I forget it.

The second day of the project ‘walking to Hanoi’ I waked up at 5 am and start to walk from Bien Hoa.
Usualy I don’t like something sweet. But now hot and tired I like it.

I’d walked for 1 hour and rested in a cafe. I appealed to my friends on Facebook. 
How disappointing to me, “I’m walking to Hanoi.” I said them, and it makes them puzzling to hear a flat joke.

I walked on route 1A. I expected that I enjoy to walk in rural view, but everywhere is a town. If here were Japan, I could see the view of surrounding rice fields on the far suburban area of city. I thought other country was same. But there is town in Vietnamese suburban area.

Indeed, Vietnamese town are developing beside a road. And Vietnamese people’s living style is mercantile oriented. Road is not between villages, the first a road is opened then people start to live. So that I have to walk same as Saigon’s suburban area all long.

The picture above was taken on about 40km far from Saigon. No rice field, no mountain. There is same view all. I wonder how I enjoy with exhaust gas.

This is Tràng Bom town, today’s destination. 23 km from Bien Hoa.
Tràng Bom was a heavy battle field at 1975, the end period of Vietnamese war. Now there is many industrial parks.

In spite of I could walk more, my tension is getting down. More than that, I need to find how to return Saigon while it is right.

I found a public transportation going to Bien Hoa. The people taken in the picture above is going back home. I rode with them and transferred to 5th bus at BX Bien Hoa.

53.3km from Saigon

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5系等のバスはだいたい2時間ぐらいでビエンホアバスターミナルに到着する。運賃は忘れたが、25,000 VNDだったと思う。

写真はsinh thô bơ ふだん甘いものは好きではないけど、





本日の目的地のチャンボム(Tràng Bom) 出発から23km 




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