2018 The Top 10 Most Beautiful National Parks in China You Must Visit – Part 2

China has thousands of National Parks, including nature reserves, geologic parks scenic spots and more categories. In total, there are 225 national parks within China, are you surprised by the number? We both know that a national park must possess historical or scenic importance, can you expect spectacular scenery and landscapes, cultural sites, and rare plant and wildlife. If you are planning a trip to China, it absolutely should be on your list of things to see. Here is a list of some amazing parks to visit in China.

Potatso National Park

Potatso National Park is the first national park on China mainland which was open to visitors in 2007. In Tibetan language, Patatso means reaching the opposite side of the lake by boat under the help of deity. Bitahai Lake and Shuduhu Lake are two major parts of the park. Besides these two lakes, forest, marsh, valley, alpine meadow and so on can be seen in the park. All major spots are connected by walkable plank which offers a closer distance for travelers to experience the natural environment.

Emeishan National Park

Emeishan National Park is a UNESCO World Heritage Site that is nestled in one of China’s most beloved parks, home to a Golden Summit that offers inspiring views of the area. A popular destination for Buddhist pilgrims, the park is a great place to hike on scenic trails to explore ancient temples and meet curious monkey residents along the way. The Baoguo Temple sits at the mountain’s summit, where you can marvel at the ancient structure, see the eight Buddha hall in its interior and capture a majestic bird’s-eye view with a sea of clouds as far as the eye can see.

Huanglong National Park

There are many sights to see in Huanglong National Park, from its calcite-formed pools that burst with color to its cascading waterfalls tucked beneath snow-capped peaks. Located in the Minshan mountain range northwest of Chengdu, the park features picturesque valleys, peaceful forests and tranquil lakes. Make sure to see the Welcome Pool with its stacked ponds, the Flying Waterfall with various layers and the Rhododendron Forest filled with blooming flowers. The Huanglong Back Temple dates back 600 years and offers the perfect backdrop to a postcard-perfect snap of this scenic area.

Changbaishan National Park

The largest nature reserve in China, Changbaishan National Park offers a tranquil escape from the everyday hustle and bustle of the big cities. The park is flanked by the Eternally White Mountain, a dormant volcano, while Tianchi Lake features an alluring landscape surrounded by craggy peaks and trees. The name translates to “Heavenly Lake”, and is considered a cultural haven for Chinese. Wildlife watchers are in for a treat, as you can take guided tours to spot some of China’s rare animal species, such as the Siberian tiger.

Mount Sanqingshan National Park

A UNESCO World Heritage Site, Mount Sanqingshan National Park sits in the west of the Huaiyu mountain range in the northeast of Jiangxi Province. It’s noted for its exceptional scenic quality, where beautifully shaped pillars and peaks resemble human and animal silhouettes. Mount Huaiyu is further enhanced by its unique contrast of granite features with the lush foliage and ever-changing landscapes. A visit to this park offers the chance to explore forests, waterfalls, lakes and springs, and you might even spot some of the local wildlife such as otters, black muntjac deer and ferret-badgers.

Article and photo credit: www.tripstodiscover.com/ theculturetrip.com

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