Summer scenery poem Tokyo Tower “Galaxy Star Light up”  makes you feel cool!

Tokyo Tower is held every year in the summer show: “Tianhe Star Lighting”.

SAMURAI BLUE is also the same as your high tension!

Large observatory 1 floor  “Galaxy Star Lighting”

“Galaxy Star Lighting” is the fantasy “summer scenery poem” which is to be displayed on the first floor of the Great Observatory, and the white sky is flowing in the countless blue stars, With the Cowboy can only live quietly at both ends.

※ scenery like galaxy lighting

※ There is atmosphere of blue space

This time to join the “meteor” is more attractive!

The ceiling of the venue to the patio, the performance of the large and white meteor through the stars of the arc, but also increase the sense of surprise ~

With the night of the change, the blue sky reflected in the observatory of the window, you can see the more blue sky, is also a must see the characteristics.

After reading the Great Observatory, we came to the “Blue Star Ladder” outside the Grand Observatory, which is the up and down staircase of the Great Observatory and the ground. During the evening of the event, as the “Blue Star Ladder”, the ordinary ladder Turned a very romantic place.

It is a 600-step ladder which is open only from the holidays of 10: 00 to 16: 00. During the event of “Tianhe Star Lighting”, the opening hours are 17: 00 ~ 22: 00 on weekdays and 11:00 ~ 22: 00 especially open!   (※ rainy days stop)

Beautiful decorative lights along the ladder up, to the big observatory lighting venue can enjoy the feeling of excitement!

※ wearing kimono to walk blue ladder, isn’t super romantic?

※ Particularly open blue star ladder

SAMURAI BLUE  also makes your tension high!   “blue fire activity”!

The “Tianhe Starlight Lighting” event of the Tokyo Tower, the Japanese Football Association, and the “Blue Fire Activity” of the Japanese Football Association, together with the SAMURAI BLUE (Japanese football representative) Solidarity with them.

SAMURAI BLUE Public Welfare Association Japan Football Association official website

SAMURAI BLUE “Blue Fire activities” solidarity:

① “Tianhe Star Lighting” illuminates the west side of the large observatory 1 floor west (Roppongi Shinjuku side) space, and set

“Green inflammation フ ォ ト ス ッ ト” (blue fire football camera point) can take pictures with SAMURAI BLUE board!

During the event, guests of the “Blue Star Ladder” outside the Grand Observatory will present the “Blue Sky Stickers” as a gift for the non-sale items.

(3) The date of the Tokyo Stadium (Tokyo Metropolitan City) was held on June 7 (3) with the Saitama Stadium 2002 (Saitama, Saitama Prefecture).

“Asian final selection (ROAD TO RUSSIA)” (Japan Representative VS Australia Representative) held on August 31 (d) these two days, SAMURAI BLUE pray for their victory, the Tokyo Tower will have blue glory “Blue Fire Point Light “activities from sunset to ~ 23: 00 lighting!

※ blue shiny lighting 

The image icon of Tokyo tower-Noppon Brothers

The above describes a lot of activities will make the mood, this year’s “Galaxy Star Light up” use of the number of bulbs, all together even more than 19,70,000! More than last year’s progress!

Come to the Tokyo Tower to watch the lights, with the important people together to experience the summer night hours it!

【~ Galaxy Star Light Up Information ~】

● Activity period  2017 June 1 ~ September 3 

● lighting time     9: 00 ~ 23: 00 ※ outside the ladder is 17: 00 ~ 23: 00 lighting

● Meeting site     Grandstand 1F, big observatory straight ladder (up / down ladder)

● Purchase of funds to the Great Observatory

● Content

“Grand Observatory 1st floor”

· There is a summer limited lighting that displays “Galaxy Star Light up” in the floor.

· Star in the red Vega (weaving Ji) with the white Altair (Yan Star) shine, sometimes meteor Oh!

“Great observatory through the outside ladder (up / down ladder)”

The ground to the big observatory outside the ladder, and even the armrest part will have decorative bulbs, to the big observatory 1 floor have

“Blue Star Ladder” lighting display.

· Exhibition period: weekdays 17: 00 ~ 22: 00, six days holiday 11: 00 ~ 22: 00 open.

※ Last admission 22:00, rain and other suspension.

※ When we go outside the ladder, it is necessary cost.

 Large Observatory Fee (150m)

Adults (high school students above) 900 yen

Child (junior high school student) 500 yen

Children (4 years old or more) 400 yen

● other · Tianhe Starlight lighting is the use of electricity.

· Tianhe Star Lighting is a registered trademark of Nippon Electric Tower Co., Ltd.

See the actual video here: YouTube

Photo and source: Tokyo Tower official website

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