Eating dumplings on the platform? In Tokyo-Ryogoku Stationon the dream of the third line to eat dumplings full of joys.

“Platform dumplings” have been in the various SNS above a grand discussion, in the end what it looks like we are very curious.

The simple description is that Ajinomoto frozen food “dumplings” to meet the 45th anniversary of the sale, in the two stations on the 3rd platform to implement special planning, during the limited fried dumplings shop opened. Of course, many people are from the news to see, but one would like to row two hours to eat are directly abandoned. But the author suddenly asked a friend: “Do you want to go to the two countries to eat dumplings tomorrow? I help you line up you five points again.” Is really amazing!

The two stations are usually only used in the platform, during the limited venue is on the 3rd platform, previously used as a regular passenger train to start with the station, the end of the use in 1988. After that, the news train, which was a regular train, became the use of platform 3, and later ended in March 2010, and is now called the “Dream Line 3” platform that can not be accessed.

Big discount 450yen! Limit time 45 minutes!

”It’s five o’clock!”

 Shop’s owner said, and arrange our line of 4 people sit in front of the platform position, especially seats. Bought four simple packages at first. Frozen dumplings a bag (12pc) with a drink. There is a towel a talent 450 yen is very cheap! The price is consistent with the 45th anniversary, in fact, limit the meal time is 45 points.

But why did you choose the location of the two countries during the period of limited activities?

The planners said, “The two countries are the sums of the pacification of the country, and in that place it can be said that the national food” dumplings “of Japan will be very happy, and because the idea of JR agrees,so they held this  special activity.”

Period limited activity starts from 7/14 to 7/28. Weekdays business hours are 17 :00 to 23:00 (the last order time is 22:15)

Photo and Source: Toyo Economic News

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