Ancient folk coffee tour – chitori town~Kamata – Tokyu  Ikegami line

Tokyu ikeue line is area where you can enjoy retrospect of  Showa style. Go Under the station to walk in the street, street with street lamps and shops, can feel a very nostalgic atmosphere. As well as the ancient folk coffee and photography base, did not experience the Showa era people, but also feel the feelings of retro atmosphere. This time to introduce a few filled with nostalgic attractions.

Ancient Folk Cafe “Lotus Moon”

There is an ancient folk house near the door of the temple when the cafe “lotus moon”. There are still rotten wood and black mold to see the history of the building. Koizumi today, the second stage of the rich and the United States starred in the movie “painful past” also have to shoot here !

Ancient folk coffee “lotus moon” courtyard. 1st floor can feel the fun of changing the four seasons. At this time there are hydrangea bloom.

After visiting the “Ikegami temple”, I went to the ancient folk coffee. For the construction of a wooden building built in 1933 (Showa 8) years. Into the coffee shop, sit on the first floor inside the position, in front of the hydrangea is the garden. Most of the women are seen, but the age is very wide, you can feel the nearby residents and tourists favorite. Evidence is often heard from the table of the conversation are: “This side is so beautiful, even cat think here have such a coffee shop”, “every time it will be in this for a long time.”

There are 500 southern iron bells playing cool and light tone of the “Ikegami honmonji”

“Ikegami honmonji” have Southern Iron Campbell. Standing below the wind chimes, you can listen to the cool bells sounds.

We sit on train and go next to “Ikegami honmonji” which is about 10 minutes walk from “Ikegami honmonji”. Japanese brothels in the 61s old passed away from the lotus mountain. Through the door to climb the ladder, where there are 500 southern iron bells playing cool sounds. The short note below the chimes is the prayer who prayed. This year has been the first 13 years, “listen to the voice of 500 bells” is the day to do every day. This year was held at 7/22. Let everyone to write a short note to hang up the wind chimes.

Like the film scene will be seen in the Showa film “Bourbon road”  shop street!

Sunset before the “Bourbon Road” shopping street. Signs and street lights are plain show winds. A bar that has been named “Bourbon Road”.

“Bourbon Road” shopping street along the Tokyu line elevated side of the street attached to the bar, Izakaya, roast chicken shop and restaurant. Speaking of the elevated side of the bar is the famous bridge “Bourbon Road” bar, but here the “Bourbon Road” bar than the new bridge is also several times simple, as if the Showa wind celebrities will come out from the store same. Kanban is a painted glass design. At the end of the trip go to the “Bourbon Road” bar to drink a cup when the end is very good!

We look back at Tokyuchi on-line travel, and it is possible to feel a lot of retro atmosphere by feeling more and more of the scenery of the Showa Sakata near the “Kamata” station. Want to look at the previous appearance of Tokyo, put on the Tokyu pool on the line, plan a tour of your favorite spots !

The ancient cafe “lotus moon” official website

Ikegami  honmonji official website

Tokyu Ikegami  line “Ikegami” station to get off, walk about 10 minutes

“Bourbon Road” shopping street:

Tokyu Ikegami line “Kamata” stop, walk about 2 minutes

Yutian West Side store street official website

Photo and Source: Asahi

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