Locations of Car Repair & Servicing Workshops in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia (Updated)

Nauman Khan

Originally Posted on Monday, 25 November, 2013:

Cars WorkshopsHonda Specialist Workshop # 20, Umm Al Hamam, Riyadh

For regular Maintenance I use this workshop, it is 2nd workshop from the corner, all workers are Pakistani, they are nice, the provide quality services and they don’t charge much. They will also guide you from where to buy spare parts. Near this you can find many workshops for all types of cars.Coordinates: 24.699166,46.656295Google Maps Link: http://goo.gl/maps/JQQ8sAl Soqor Center for Car Maintenance, Radiator Mechanic, Workshop # 29B, Umm Al Hamam, Riyadh

There is a Yemani guy there, I got Tabla of Radiator of my Honda Civic 2009 replaced from there for SR 310.Honda Workshop, Sanaiya Qadeem, RiyadhPreviously I used to visit this workshop but this is far, all workers are Pakistani and they are nice and they don’t charge much. They will also guide you from where to buy spare parts. This is the biggest area for car repair in Riyadh, you can find 100s of workshops here.Coordinates: 24.6331,46.73881Google Maps Link: http://goo.gl/maps/4KlmkHonda Denter, Shop 43, Umm Al Hamam, RiyadhIn case of replacement of lights or changing of bumpers or dents etc you can visit this workshop, all workers are Pakistani, I didn’t find them cheaper. Around this you can find many workshops for all types of cars.Coordinates: 24.70022,46.65464View Larger MapDammam Road, RiyadhThis area also has several workshops.Coordinates: 24.82191,46.78473Google Maps Link: http://goo.gl/maps/AzFxpNasim, RiyadhThis area has many workshops. This area also has computer test facilities which check the cars thoroughly. This test is usually used when purchasing a used car.Coordinates: 24.71212,46.84924Google Maps Link: http://goo.gl/maps/yiAV6German CarsFollowing useful information has been shared by a reader:If you own a VW or any other german, the workshop below is the best i found in riyadh for repairs of any sort. It is the best alternative choice for people like me who find german authorized repair centres very expensive, though the quality of work there remains undefeated. This auto-repair is owned and dominated by high skilled Lebanese personals. They offer excellent output at cheaper prices than the original wakala. they even have their own paint producing machine. I repaired my 2011 VW Jetta there multiple times and the average cost was around 18,000 SR vastly covered by my insurance provider.
 Note: They dont import parts, so the soul source of purchasing them remains the official dealership. However, they provide their own paint that is as authentic as provided by the dealership. Personally, i was satisfied by their work and did not encounter any shortcoming on their behalf. Furthermore, by repairing outside dealership, you lose warranty of the only the parts which you repaired outside the wakala and unless and until you are performing the regular 15,000 km oil change in wakala your warranty retains.
 It is located near to exit 18 along with many other workshops. I saw Audi W12, BMW X6 and 7 series getting repaired there once.
Coordinates: 24.631940, 46.798650
Address: 4484 Nasmah, Al Faisaliyah, Riyadh 12896 6668, Saudi Arabia
 Open to any questions relating to this with appreciation,
 Waqas Alshafi. (waqas alshafi)Honda Spare PartsHonda, Al Sebei Stores, Umm Al Hamam, RiyadhBranch of Car Spare Parts, Omar and Salem Ahmed Badshdah Sons Co.Here you will find a Pakistani guy named Mustafa, you can give him my reference for discount.For Honda Civic 2009:Coolant: SR 75.Complete Compressor: SR 3340.Water Pump (Tijari): SR 125.Shahdat + Engine Belt + Bolt: SR 525.Left 2 Kursi (mounts): SR 235.Tel: 4483767, 4488946Coordinates: 24.700426, 46.653168Google Maps Link: http://ift.tt/1B7K4BnHonda, Al Saiari Shop, Umm Al Hamam, RiyadhHere you will find Arabic guys, they are friendly, if you are unable to communicate the part name in Arabic then you can show them the exact location in your car and they will understand.For Honda Civic 2009:Front Breaks Shoes: SR 190Back Break Shoes: SR 180Shahdat : SR 370Viper Rubbers (2): SR 60Engine Belt: SR 125Kursi Right: SR 475AC Fan: SR 340Tel: 2813041, 0502008688, 0502715550Address: Sales Spare Parts Honda, P.O. Box 255350, Riyadh 11353Coordinates: 24.700426, 46.653168Google Maps Link: http://ift.tt/1B7K4BnHonda Official Spare Parts Store, Abdullah Hashim Company Ltd, Kharj Road, Khalidiya, RiyadhPhone: 011 4464646Left Side Mirror Glass for Honda Civic 2009 cost me SR 111.Radiator Cap with Pipe cost me SR 151.Coordinates: 24.623678, 46.745447Google Maps Link: http://ift.tt/1BZJnFrHonda Official Spare Parts Store, Abdullah Hashim Company Ltd, Aruba Road, Sanaiya, Riyadh

Phone: 011 4884561, +966 505541964Back Light (Side) for Honda Civic 2009 cost me SR 239Coordinates: 24.700426, 46.653168Google Maps Link: http://ift.tt/1B7K4BuMarjan Stores Honda, Old Sanaiya, Industrial Area, Al Kharj Road, RiyadhSales Honda Car Spare Parts. They provide good rates.Front Break Shoes cost me SR 185Back Break Shoes cost me SR 175Tel: 4476904Al Obaidan Stores, Honda, Old Sanaiya, Industrial Area, Belqees Street, RiyadhProp. Hamad Abdul Aziz Al Obaidan, Sales Honda Car Spare Parts. They provide good rates.Right Kursi cost me SR 380Tel: 4476904BatteryAl Barrak Exb., Electric, Decorations and Car Accessories, Aruba Road, Sanaiya, RiyadhI use ACDelco Dry Battery in my Honda Civic 2009. It cost me SR 200 after giving old battery to them.Tel: 4885879, 4884229Coordinates: 24.700426, 46.653168Google Maps Link: http://ift.tt/1B7K4BuEngine Oil Change (Regular Maintenance)Petromin Express, Saudi Arabia

For regular maintenance (Engine Oil, Oil Filter, Air Filter, other Liquids etc) I use Petromin Express. Petromin Express workshops are available throughout Saudi Arabia, they have Silver and Gold packages and their prices varies from car to car.I have used Petromin Express in Riyadh, Madina and Taif and they all provide same standard of service. The staff is usually Filipino, I always use Gold Package which includes a long list of checks.For Honda Civic the Rates are as follows:Gold Package : SR130Engine Oil : SR90Oil Filter: SR40Transmission Oil: SR 300Air Filter: SR75Honda Air Filter: SR 130Cabin Air Filter: SR 160Fuel System Cleaner: SR 250Petromin Flushing Oil: SR 80Petgrncoolant Green Coolant (6×4): SR 40Customer Service: 920023345, 0556674669
Petromin Express
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Wheel AlignmentMezan Al Nakheel, Sanaiya, Al Urubah Road, RiyadhIf you are looking for a cheaper Wheel Alignment option then this workshop is owned by a Pakistani Mechanic. He charges SR 40 for wheel alignment of 2 tires.Coordinates: 24.70664,46.66119Google Maps Link: http://goo.gl/maps/WHmZ6Al-Odhaib Auto Maintenance Co., (Alodhaib Balance Center 11) King Abdul Aziz Road (Exit 5), Riyadh

This is a big and expensive workshop, I have used it only for Wheel Alignment. They charge SR50 for just checking the 4 wheels. Their checks are thorough. After the checks, based on their findings they charge for Wheel Alignment which is around SR 250 to SR 300. They also have branches on King Abdullah Road.Alignment Al Shamal Center (11)Tel: 4549555, 0543955576, 0542366680Email: info@lodhaib.comCoordinates: 24.759263,46.67404Google Maps Link: http://goo.gl/maps/E07i6
Alodhaib Workshops
http://alodhaib.com/en/ View Now
Al-Odhaib Auto Maintenance Co., (Alodhaib Balance Center 17), King Abdullah Road, RiyadhThis is there other branch. I visited them on 17th June 2015 for Computerized High Speed Wheel Balancing. In this kind of Wheel Balancing they attach a machine to each tire one by one, move the tire at the speed of 120km/hr and then monitor if there is any balancing required. Thus this is a must have if you travel outside city at high speeds. They charge SR 150 for this.Tel: 2254111, 05491388801, 0549138802, 4914333, 0541555486, 0541555284Coordinates: 24.736893, 46.686641

Meezan Ahmed, Al Garabbi Street, Al Batha, RiyadhThey provide computerized Wheel Alignment. The wheel alignment of 2 tires cost me SR 400.Coordinates: 24.64664,46.72018
Google Maps Link: http://goo.gl/maps/fKdWXUsed Tires and RimsAl Batha, RiyadhThis is a big area where you can buy and sell Used Tires and Rims. The prices vary based on the condition of the tire/rim.Coordinates: 24.64203,46.72088Google Maps Link: http://goo.gl/maps/3UrYkNew Tires and RimsAl Garabbi Street, Al Batha, RiyadhThis is a big market of tires and rims, you can find all brands. I have sorted the brands w.r.t prices I got (most expensive at the top), when I was buying the tires for my Honda Civic:Bridgestone, JapanYokohama, JapanMichelin, GermanyPirelli, ChinaHankook, KoreaDunlop, JapanToyo, JapanMaxxis, KoreaCoordinates: 24.64664,46.72018Google Maps Link: http://goo.gl/maps/fKdWXAl Amjad Trading Center, Prop./Omar A. M. Al Maroof, Al Garabbi Street, Al Batha, RiyadhSales all kind of tires (Wholesale and Retain)I purchased 2 Dunlop tires (made in Japan) for my Honda Civic 2009 for SR 490 (SR254 each). Tire Details: 205/55/16–91W-MAXX-08Coordinates: 24.64664,46.72018Google Maps Link: http://goo.gl/maps/fKdWXAmer Salim Baneem Trd Est, Al Garabbi Street, (Opp. Al Zahrani Station), Al Batha, RiyadhFor Sales and Fitting all Kind of TiresI purchased 2 Dunlop tires (made in Japan) for my Honda Civic 2009 for SR 55c (SR275 each).Tel: 4120352Coordinates: 24.64664,46.72018Google Maps Link: http://goo.gl/maps/fKdWXBin Salman Trading Est and Wheel Alignment, Al Garabbi Street, Al Batha, Riyadh (Near Sulaimani New)

Tires, Janout, BatteriesOn 17th June 2015, I purchased 4 Dunlop tires 205/55ZR16 91W (made in Japan) for my Honda Civic 2009 for SR 900(SR225 each). This is the best rate I got after visiting around 5/6 shops.

They also have computerized Wheel Alignment facility, it cost me SR 250 for 4 tires.Tel: 4021112, 0552427648Coordinates: 24.647734, 46.720274The price of Bridgestone tire of 2015 from Bridgestone official outlet after STC discount was SR 375Michelin Tires, Dabbab St (Front Mama Noura), Solaymaniah, RiyadhI bought Michelin tires for my Honda Civic from here. Each ‘W’ Category, made in Germany tire cost me SR 460.For Tires and Batteries, Tarsis and Balance Cars Lazer, Reform Tubeless (Almani — Thermal)Tel: 4648884Coordinates: 24.69222,46.70175Google Maps Link: http://goo.gl/maps/mqO5sThe prices for one tire of different brands were as follows:Michelin Germany 91H : SR 420Dunlop Japan 91W : SR 350Bridgestone Japan 91V : SR627Bridgestone Japan 91V : SR622Yokohama Japan 91V : SR 550Cars GraveyardIt is a huge area covered with nothing but accidental cars. You can almost find everything here which has anything to do with cars. The arm rest of my Honda Civic got broken, the new one was costing SR 900+, I tried to find a used one in this graveyard and with little negotiation I bought one in SR 200. Make sure that you know the price of the new so that you can negotiate on the price of used.Coordinates: 24.49966,46.78659Google Maps Link: http://goo.gl/maps/XNLXaI bought from the following location, I found a Pakistani guy working there:Coordinates: 24.4877,46.77572Google Maps Link: http://goo.gl/maps/Qa36TCars AccessoriesAl Garabbi Street, Al Batha, RiyadhThis area also has many car accessories and decoration shops.As per a reader he purchased Seat covers 8seats + transparent sheet on the floor for landcrusier for SR 700Coordinates: 24.64664,46.72018Google Maps Link: http://goo.gl/maps/fKdWXOliyaan Car Accessories, Riyadh (This is no more operational)Here you can find almost all car accessories under one roof. It is a little expensive but they offer a good return policy.It was a very good and famous car accessories shop but not sure what happened. They have closed their branches from Khurais Road and Al Garabbi Street and have shifted to a warehouse near Exit 17. It seems they are closing their business.Coordinates: 24.635333 46.774988Google Maps Link: http://ift.tt/1B7K30f

Protection from Sand BlastingYou can read about it on the following link:urShadow’s Blog: Cleaning of Sand Blasted Car Headlights in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
http://ift.tt/1B7K4RW View Now
Car Wash from beneath the CarCar Wash from under the car is not commonly available in Riyadh. I got my car washed from this location:Atarid Petrol Pump, Al Urabah Road, Al Olaya, Riyadh
Coordinates: 24.714495, 46.677755
Google Maps Link: http://ift.tt/1uvc2ia
MVPI (Motor Vehicle Periodic Inspection) (Moody International) for the FahasAl Munsiyah, RiyadhCoordinates: 24.821213, 46.783811
Google Maps Link: http://ift.tt/1IGlxAC
Traffic Police OfficesTraffic Police Office, Abi Bakr As Siddiq Rd, An Nafal
Time: 7:30am — 2pm
Coordinates: 24.790292, 46.679901
Google Maps Link: http://ift.tt/1tRqXp0
Traffic Police Counter, Riyadh Gallery Mall, Near Gate no.1
Time: 1pm — 9pm (Sunday to Thursday)
Time in Ramadan: 9:30pm — 2am (Sunday to Thursday)
Coordinates: 24.742985, 46.658250
Google Maps Link: http://ift.tt/1uvc2yP
Q & A:
Sijawal Shah: I need to buy a used car around 6 7 thousands, what’s ur advise which model and brand I should buy? Jazakallah, I am new in KSA.
A: I am not aware of this info myself thus I have asked a Saudi colleague, he said that u might be able to find around 15 years old Caprice, Lumina or Accent in this price range from Nassim, Riyadh (coordinates of this location r given in the above post)
Anonymous: i would be very interested to know some shops where they can do something called computer test. I am planning to buy the used car and already selected one but i dont know how do i do the computer test before buying. Appreciate your swift. response.
A: Computer Tests r conducted in workshops near Nasim Area
Anonymous: Can you guide me as to where I can buy speaker grills and from where they can replace the speaker grills for me? Thanks
A: try Al Garabbi Street, Al Batha (coordinates of this location r given in the above post)
Fahad Mobeen: i want to protect the seat covers and the carpet of my vehicle. plz tell me some solution. becoz i am new in saudi arab and i dont know riyadh where to go for these.
A: For various kinds of protections, either you can visit some branded shop like 3M, there is one in Hayat Center on Imam Saud Road (Opposite Marina Mall), if you are looking for a non-branded cheaper solutions then u can visit Garabbi Street (exact location is mentioned in the above post), there are dozens of shops there providing such services
Fahad Mobeen: Thank u nauman for ur concern.yesterday i visited ghorabi street batha and i have completed the seat covers for my landcrusier in 700SR (Seat covers 8seats + transparent sheet on the floor).
jazba: Dear Nauman , can you refer any good mechanic for toyota , i have to repair camry bumper which is out from one side because of small accident , my office is near ummul hammam any other area will be no issue for me to go.
A: for bumper repair u need a denter, u can visit the one mentioned in the above post

Plz feel free to enrich this directory more by sharing more such locations.

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