Visegrad & the Soaring Castle Ruin

Visegrad & the Soaring Castle Ruin


Visegrad Castle

The list of must-see sights in Visegrad starts with the medieval, triangular shaped Castle of Visegrad, called the Citadel, and a Bobsled Track 10 min walk from the castle.

The Castle with its 3 mighty towers was built from stones in the 13th century by King Bela IV of Hungary and his wife as a personal royal residence and refuge, after the Mongol Invasion of Europe led by Batu Khan. The partially reconstructed castle sits atop the 333 meter high steep hill soaring over the river Danube Bend, and features medieval exhibitions, wax works, and the ramparts of the Citadel, from where you can enjoy a bird’s eye view (lots of steps, after a rewarding steep climbing trail or an easy drive). Visegrad is also well-known for its festivals, and colourful knight’s tournaments, and a handful of great restaurants with generous portions.

Don’t miss the Brandy Museum in Visegrad, called the Zugfozde Palinkamuzeum for its tastings and historical insights. The tiny museum gives you behind the scene information about the period when the distillation of Hungary’s most charismatic spirit, the Palinka was banned. Visitors have a chance to taste and smell most of the different types, all made from different fruits.

Visegrad offers active fresh air programs in its beautiful green environment, like trekking (visiting the Citadel (Fellegvar) offers a steep, 1-2 hour climb uphill, if you don’t take a car). You can also have fun on the Visegrad Bobsled track (summer and winter), or explore the Canopy Extreme Fun.


(1) 搭巴士「880」來。黑天雞呼美小時有一班車,會先到勝坦得,再到這兒。



最值得看的就是這個「皇宮遺跡」királyi palota 。門票1300HUF,東南供電,花園,王宮教堂,方濟會修道院等都是要參觀的。

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