Portugal is the destination of your most stunningly beautiful dreams

Tourism in Portugal has been increasing since 2014, many travelers clued into its adventurous nature activities, historic cities and delicious wine. In 2017, Portugal continues to be one of the most affordable in Europe! If you want to know where to visit in Portugal, READ ON!


Portugal’s capital city and largest city – Lisbon, which gets plenty of attention for its scenic day hikes, beautiful beaches. The best way to discover the Lisbon city is by taking one of the vintage trams such as the well known Tram 28, which winds along historic quarters, gardens and main attractions.  You should spend time in the alluring alleys, quaint shops, Gothic cathedrals, impressive bridges and colorful neighborhoods, reverberating in traditional fado music.


World famous for its production of fine port wine, the busy city of Porto sprawls along the hills overlooking the Douro River in northern Portugal. At the heart of Porto is the charming pedestrian zone, the Ribeira, an atmospheric place on the river, buzzing in live music, cafes, restaurants and street vendors. Dominating this popular tourist setting is the Ponte Dom Luis, a metal, double-deck arch bridge that links Porto to Vila Nova de Gaia, well-known for its port wine cellars.


Hugging the country’s Atlantic Coast in Central Portugal, Aveiro is a bustling city often called “the Venice of Portugal” due to its picturesque setting of scenic canals connected by charming bridges and dotted with colorful gondolas and speedboats.Photo credit: Seabookings.com

 Historic sites, gorgeous beaches and tasty cuisine also make Aveiro a popular tourist destination. Aveiro’s many sightseeing gems include the Aveiro Cathedral, the São Gonçalinho Chapel and the Convento de Jesus. These all offer lovely architecture and artworks.


The Archipelago of the Azores is composed of 9 volcanic islands in the Atlantic Ocean, located about 1,500 km (930 miles) west of Lisbon. Renowned for world-class whale watching, hot mineral springs, and quaint seaside towns, each island has its own fascinating identity. São Miguel is the largest island of the Azores and is known as “The Green Island” while Pico is home to the highest mountain in Portugal.

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