The Most Beautiful Views In Italy

People might be wondered how those IG travelers take those amazing photo around the world? Read on!

Italy is a place where full of incredible views, imaging the bell tower, gorgeous beach, all the historic sites. But, do you know what is the best part of these stunning views? YES! Even you are not a professional photographer, you still able to capture them into your phone or camera. Here are some beautiful views in Italy that definitely make you become a pro photographer!

Corniglia-Vernazza Hiking Trail, Cinque Terre

From the hiking trail between Corniglia and Vernazza, you will be acquainted with a lot of perfect photo-op with the most picturesque sceneries in background, so much so that you might end up exhausting your camera’s battery at the cost of it. But the path is not easy to trek – especially in the summertime when hordes of tourists flock to enjoy the beautiful glimpses of Vernazza and the sea. The early morning trek might be your best chance to enjoy your trek to the fullest.

Isle of Capri as seen from Krupp

Revel your eyes in the beautiful turquoise waters of the Isle of Capri as you see it and capture its entrancing beauty from the switchback footpath that is Via Krupp. Built between 1900 and 1902, this view looks over the Garden of Augustus, creating an alluring photographic opportunity for the travelers all year round.

Rome from the Janiculum Hill

Once your camera is full and your mind is at peace with all the close-up of the historical and contemporary shots of intimate Rome, feast your eyes – or your lens – on the whole of the beauty of it, taken in one shot from the Janiculum Hill, situated just across the river from centro storico. From here, you can take panoramic shots of the city – including the Pantheon, Spanish Steps and St. Peter’s Basilica. Take the 115 or 970 buses, and if you are feeling a little bit adventurous, take the long hike up the hill to work up the adrenaline.

Amalfi Coast from Positano

Take in the gorgeous view of the Amalfi coast glowing like fairy lights in the dwindling twilight at dusk from your vantage point from the Positano village – and find an ethereal vision to carry in your heart as a keepsake for those days when you need nature’s beauty as your muse and inspiration. Positano is located along the hiking trail between Corniglia and Vernazza, and is well worth the pain for those awe-inducing visuals.

Val d’Orcia

A UNESCO World Heritage site, this is situated in the Chianti region just south of Florence. This place boasts of the prettiest views of sprawled undulating hills with vineyards in the background – and it may make to reminisce about the lavish wine tastings that happen in and around the Toscana region.

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