5 Beautiful Spring Flowers in Japan apart from Cherry Blossoms

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Japan is widely known for the country of cherry blossoms. But did you know there are many more of other kind of flowers fascinate you during spring time.



1. Wisteria

Purple beauty ,Wisteria “FUJI” @ Ashikaga Flower Park which is the biggest wisteria flower park in Japan, 94,000 square meters.

2. Nemophila

It can be seen in Miharashi no Oka,Hitachi Seaside Park,Ibaraki. About 4.5 millions sky blue flowers bloom Late April to mid May.

3. Shiba-Sakura

Pastel cutie, Moss phlox “Shiba-Sakura” @ Fuji. Over 80,000 of them bloom next to great Mt.Fuji. What a view!

4. Rhododendron

Rhododendron,”Tsutsuji” @ Tokyo. This little red beauty is one of the most common and loved flowers in Japan and you can spot them in many places.

5. Canola Flower

Canola flowers “Nanohana” @ Tokyo. Spring symbolic flower to many of us, this yellow cutie can be spotted in many places in Japan,too.

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