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How Tripmate Works ?

Follow these 3 Steps


Create a trip

The start day must be the day after six days from today. Travelers need some time to find and consider joining your trip.


Put your trip on finding Tripmate list

You can choose whole trip or single point ( like hotel ) of your trip to build a Tripmate item. Just click “ Host a trip ” button on the screen.


Easy to manage travelers who apply your trip in My Tripmate.

You can modify your published trip items, check orders and reply travelers’s messages. Also, you can check your applications to other hosts here as well. Once you finished the lovely trip with travelers, do not forget to rate your companions and give them a honest feedback. That will improve your next travel experience.

Triplisher Tripmate helps you to manage the process smoothly.


Traveler Apply


Host Agree


Traveler Pay


Order Complete


Traveler and Host give rating for each other