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Date Taipei :2 Days
09 Jun 2018 - 10 Jun 2018 (2天)


09 June 2018
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  • Taiwan
  • Taipei City

Welcome!!! It is very convenient for tourist to handle everything in need in Taipei Railway Station ,for example ,transportation tickets. So I think it might take you a while to check everything again before sightseeing.

11 mins 0.8 km US$0.00

There are many historical and meaningful buildings in this district, such as presidential palace, National Taiwan Museum, 228 Peace Memorial Park and so on. You could take your time to see them.


Nation Taiwan Museum, which was found in 1908, is the oldest museum in Taiwan. At this museum, you can not only discover Taiwan’s natural history and humanities through exhibitions but also find the aesthetics of architecture which is popular in that time. Thus I believe it is a good start point for visitors who comes to Taipei or Taiwan the first time.

Museum ticket: NTD 100 per person

21 mins 1.6 km US$0.00

As mentioned, there are also a lot of old buildings that represent multiple background. I think you may make your own route from NTM to next stop ,

Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall, depend on what you like to see.


For travelers, especially foreigners ,Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall is a must-visit place. As a resident, I’d like to say that it exactly worth visiting but I will also suggest you could do some related research ,specially, the latest criticism in advance. Then you may deeply understand why the existence of this building is a moot point for Taiwanese.

11 mins 4.0 km US$0.64

There are many ways to get to Gongguan metro station, such as bus, bike, metro and so on. However, in my opinion, it is a good idea to take the Green Line there after a long time of walking.

Metro fare: NTD 20 per person


Not only are tourists attracted, but local people are charmed to the Gongguan metro station because of two spots. One is National Taiwan University, which is ranked as the top university in Taiwan, and the other is Gongguan (night) market, which is famous for its food. Please be mindful if you come here, you should get a cup of pearl milk tea for yourself. I wish you may have a good time walking around these spots. 

12 mins 1.0 km US$0.00

Taipower Building metro Station is near to the Gongguan metro station. So according to your situation, I will show you how to make the best way to go to the next stop.


Here, what I would like to introduce to visit is the Shi-Da Night Market. Shi-Da Night Market is not the largest night market but is the most popular one with young people in Taipei or even Taiwan. There are many unique stores that sell up-to-date clothing, accessories and coffees with many features. If you are a trend-setter, you may not miss this place to find out the latest fashion but at a good price.  

27 mins 2.1 km US$0.00

This route which marked on my pocket-list is a very comfortable option for people to take a walk in summer night. I hope you will enjoy it as much as I do.


This hotel is at perfect location nearby the center of Taipei. In my opinion, the best location to stay in this hotel is the opposite side of Daan Park, which is considered as a Green lung of Taipei city. In particular, it is awesome to embrace natural surroundings and make yourself relax completely in the morning in the heart of Taipei.

Booking Info:
Room type:Deluxe Room
Maximum Occupancy:2

Queen size bed(165×200cm)


10 June 2018
  • Taiwan
  • Taipei City
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Xingtian Temple is not only famous for being the most eco-friendly temple of Taoism but also having a special ritual toward its followers.

9 mins 0.7 km US$0.32

I really recommend to rent a Youbike which is near Xingtian Temple metro station and experience cycling in Taipei.

YouBike is priced at NT$10 per 30 minutes of usage.


This restaurant named Addiction Aquatic Development is well-known for its diversity of fresh seafood. But before visiting it, I suggest that you could walk across the street toward Lane 180, Binjiang Street first. In this lane, you can see amazing planes landing in a very short distance. Specifically between 9-10 a.m is one of the best time to see the landing and taking off of the planes. After that, you might enjoy your brunch in the restaurant.

22 mins 16.4 km US$0.80

There are many routes to take the public transportation from AAD to Elephant Mountain. In my opinions, you can cycle back to Xingtian Temple metro station, and then take the metro to Xiangshan Station. Please note that you need to transfer from Orange Line to Red Line in midway. Afterwards, it may take you about 15 minutes from Exit 2 to enter trailhead of Elephant Mountain.

Metro fare: NTD 25 per person


Elephant Mountain offers hikers an awesome way to overlook the whole Taipei City. Moreover, it is not too difficult for beginners to hike in Elephant Mountain. If you are a risk taker, maybe you can try to climb on the huge rock to take fantastic pictures with Taipei 101. 

22 mins 10.7 km US$0.80

Just as a lot of ways from AAD to Elephant Mountain, I suggest that you can take the metro to the next place, Ximen Station. Please be mindful you have to transfer from Red Line to Blue Line in midway.

Metro fare: NTD 25 per person


Here I will introduce you an attraction which is very popular with young people. It is a featured Starbucks located at No. 51, Hanzhong St., Wanhua Dist. The speciality of this store is its construction. This is the first case in Taiwan, which old houses renovated to Starbucks stores. Furthermore, this building had been designed by a notable architect and could be considered as a representation in the 1980s in Taiwan as well.

9 mins 2.8 km US$0.64

At last, depending on the situation, you could choose the best way back to the Taipei Railway Station and then take a proper way home.

Metro fare: NTD 20 per person


At last, you could depend on the situation to choose the best way back to the Taipei Railway Station and then take a proper way to sweet home.