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    MIM - Musical Instruments Museum

    0.0 Brussels, Belgium

    About the place

    As soon as it opened at the end of the 19th century, the luxurious Old England department store earned an excellent reputation for its highly distinctive building. The entrance to the building is a jewel of the Art nouveau style while the rest is in perfect harmony with the neoclassical ensemble on the Place Royale, and just around the corner from the Grand Place and Central Station, no less!It's here in this architectural gem that the MIM took up residence in June 2000.The museum's reputation is mainly built on its extraordinary collections.With a wealth of some 7000 instruments, the MIM is currently an internationally renowned instrumental museum.Once inside, you'll embark on a true tour of the musical world. After your trip past the some 1500 pieces on exhibit, the instruments and their history will no longer hold any secrets: from viole da gamba from the Court of Brussels to the 20th century theremin, and even including the African kora! And be sure not to miss our area devoted to the instruments of Adolphe Sax.The MIM is nothing other than a place to experience music. An infrared headphone system allows each visitor to explore the thematic tours to the tune of the melodious sound of the instruments presented. Translation is no problem. Everyone knows that music is a universal language.

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    Rue Montagne de la Cour 2 , Brussels 1000 , Belgium
    32 (02) 545-0130
    Opening hours

    Tue - Fri : Opening hours 09:30 ~ 17:00

    Sat - Sun : Opening hours 10:00 ~ 17:00

    Suggested time of visit