Things to do in Japan

Chris Lam

The following is a list of interesting things I think everyone should experience in Japan.

General stuff

Try out airport lounge, especially the ANA lounge!Fly in some other class other than EconomyGet interviewed on TV for some show in Japan about traveling at the airportUse Airbnb for an interesting experienceStay in HostelsExperience the weather differences in different regions in JapanImmerse yourself in the culture and do things outside of the regular touristy stuffPractice and attempt to speak Japanese!Ride the bullet train (I highly recommend you buy the JR pass BEFORE you arrive in Japan: every major type of ramen and regional specialty. Don’t be scared!See the Cherry Blossoms all over! (March and April)Try a sentou and onsenSee as many shrines and temples you can handleEat at different levels of quality restaurants from vending machine ordering to kaiten sushi to high end, etc.Attend a festivalLearn about various things like Salarymen, OL, birth rate, work life, and various aspects of the cultureEat Ekiben on the bullet trainTry using a squat toiletUse an advanced Japanese toiletStay at a capsule hotelStay with Japanese college studentsGo to a Japanese house party


Go check out the Tsukiji fish market auctionsEat sushi at TsukijiTake a train during rush hourCheck out Muji CafeCheck out Rakuten CafeShop in ShibuyaShop in GinzaExplore Don QuijoteWait for friends at Hachiko in ShibuyaSee the famous (and busy) Shibuya crossingEat Japanese fast food at Matsuya, Chikara meshi, Yoshinoya or some other chain!Experience an IzakayaWalk through Ueno ParkWalk and explore AkihabaraVisit SkytreePeople watch in HarajukuGo to an Izakaya under the train tracks in YurakuchoTry Monjayaki and TeishokuEat famous sweets such as Taiyaki, Dango, and MochiVisit RoppongiEat at a top tier sushi restaurantRun through Tokyo station to catch a bullet trainGo to a Gaijin barCheck out Robot Restaurant


Stay at a Ryokan (Traditional Japanese Inn)See a mako/geishaSee all the world heritage shrines and temples Kyoto has to offerSee the bamboo grove in ArashiyamaEat regional specialties like Matcha, Sweets (Wagashi), Tofu in Broth (Yudofu) and Soba


Dance with or watch the dancers in OCATHang out at the Umeda Sky BuildingWalk around Dotonburi and NambaEat regional specialties like Takoyaki and OkonomiyakiSee the Pokemon Center in Daimaru


Eat the famous and expensive Kobe beef!Experience all you can eat Yakiniku in HarborlandVisit the old foreign settlementsVisit 1/3 Chinatowns in Japan


Visit the Atomic Bomb Museum and Peace ParkEat regional specialties like Hiroshima style Okonomiyaki and Oysters


Hike up the mountain and see the beautiful viewsVisit the famous floating shrine at high tide and low tide


Try a natural onsen


Eat regional specialties like Tonkotsu Ramen, Tsukemen, and Yatai street foodExperience a YataiVisit Ohori ParkSee remnants of Fukuoka CastleVisit Cat Island (Ainoshima)


Eat regional specialties like Champon and CastellaVisit 1/3 Chinatowns in JapanVisit the Atomic bomb museum and peace parkSee and appreciate the fusion between Western and Eastern Architecture in the buildings


Check out the Ramen museumSee the Port of Yokohama and Minato Mirai


Eat regional specialty like Seafood such as fresh squid (Ika) and IkuraSee the morning marketExperience the famous night view


Visit the first ramen street aka Ganso Ramen YokochoEat regional specialties like Miso Ramen, Jingusukan, Sake ice cream, Soup curry, and Sapporo beerVisit Odori park, TV Tower, Moma, Clock Tower, Government building, and the Sapporo beer museum and gardenExperience the cold weather compared to the rest of Japan

I highly suggest you do those things in Japan if you get a chance to!

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